Ryosuke Kimura

POSITION Associate
Ryosuke Kimura is an Associate at Incubate Fund(IF). Prior to joining IF, Ryosuke was a Consultant / Financial Advisor for Infrastructure / Healthcare sector at PwC Japan and KPMG Japan. Ryosuke holds a Bachelors of Commerce and Management from Hitotsubashi University.

Ryosuke is also Founder and General Partner of Lifetime Ventures, which is a pre-seed / seed VC focusing on investment in "Lifetime Innovation". The main themes of investment are digital health, industry cloud, and cross-border Japan.


Two years after graduating, when I was involved in the project supporting Japanese companies in their forays in India, every one of my colleagues at the local office was highly talented, and I was shocked how they do not doubt the growth of their country. In a world where billions of people are competing with each other, I have to think about what I have done so far.

Without losing to them, I want to become the biggest supporter of these entrepreneurs who are aiming for the world (Chief Fanclub Officer) and will help them to the full extent of my power.
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