Blue Field Program (BFP)

This is a selective, cross-industry study community for those who aspire to start their own business. We believe that in order to create innovative and scalable business concepts that can solve major social and industrial issues, we need a community where we can learn about social issues, industrial structures, and technologies across industries. We provide a place where young talents with big ambitions who are working on the front lines of society can think about and polish their business ideas that should be seriously challenged, and we support business startups from the standpoint and experience of a seed VC as an incubate fund.


Through "IF/participant presentations and discussions" and "individual feedback and mentoring," participants will thoroughly explore their chosen industry-innovative "research theme" and incorporate it into a concrete business plan.
Monthly study meeting
Date & Time: Every second Friday of the month from 8pm to 10pm
Location: Incubate Fund Office *Currently being held online
→Presentation of investment ideas/business proposals/market research from the IF
→Presentation of project proposals from participants and mutual feedback
Individual mentoring at any time upon request (entrepreneurial consultation, business consultation, job change consultation, etc.)
Online community management
Initial number of participants: around 10-20 people
Period: Six months for each individual. After six months, we will discuss the pros and cons of continuing the program.
Application Requirements
You must be 23-35 years old, have one of the following backgrounds, and be available to attend monthly study sessions
1. a young person who has been exposed to world-class competition (strategy consulting firm/foreign financial institution/major foreign firm)
A person who wants to work for several years and then move to the business creation side
Experience in working with direct management clients
2. Ace at a major Japanese company (general trading company/major financial institution/manufacturer, etc.)
Experience in new business or R&D work
A researcher/developer with a very high level of expertise and a desire to move into the business creation side
Top 10% high performer in the company
3. professional (engineer/doctor/lawyer/researcher/bureaucrat)
A person with very high expertise and a desire to move into the business creation side
Specialists in researching business opportunities in legal reform/deregulation/undeveloped areas
  • STEP01 entry

    Please send the application form at the bottom of this page to our office.
    The application form is very large, but we will read it carefully and sincerely.
  • STEP02. document screening

    The secretariat will contact you individually by e-mail regarding the results of the selection process.
  • STEP03. interview (i.e. television, newspaper, etc.)

    Interviews may be conducted as necessary. (In-person or web interview)
Application Form