Circuit Meeting

This is a half-day business consultation and financing program for seed-stage entrepreneurs. For start-up entrepreneurs, it takes a lot of time and effort to make appointments with VCs and pitch repeatedly. In order to reduce the burden on entrepreneurs and help them brush up their business, Incubate Fund and Partner Fund came together to have a half-day 1-on-1 session.

Business consultation 1-on-1 with everyone in half a day! Finance program for seed entrepreneurs


The Circuit Meeting is a one-day financing program for seed entrepreneurs that provides access to all of the partners of Incubate Fund and its affiliated funds, as well as the possibility of securing financing on the spot.
For startup entrepreneurs, making appointments with VCs and pitching multiple times takes a lot of time and effort. (Especially if you are a partner-level decision maker at each fund. In order to reduce the burden on entrepreneurs and help them brush up their business, we have created an opportunity for GPs from Incubate Fund and Partner Fund to come together for a half-day 1-on-1 session. Please check the outline of the event below and apply.

Scheduled dates for this fiscal year
If you miss the deadline, you will be treated as the next entry.

Circuit Meeting Vol.48
June 11 (Friday), 11:00 a.m. - 15:00 p.m. (*Close: June 7 (Monday), 23:59)

Circuit Meeting Vol.49
Thursday, July 8, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. (*Deadline: Friday, July 2, 23:59)

Circuit Meeting Vol.49
Monday, August 30, 13:00 PM - 17:00 PM (*Deadline: Tuesday, August 24, 23:59)

Schedule for the day (example)
13:00 Opening
13:15 5-minute presentation (all participating startups)
15:20 Business consultation with each capitalist (12 minutes x 8 times)
17:40 Wrap-up time (comments from capitalists, investment considerations, etc.)

Participating Capitalists (Example)
Incubate Fund: Toru Akaura, Masahiko Homma, Keisuke Wada, Yusuke Murata
Sola Seed Startups: Yasunari Shibata
Primal Capital: Hiroshi Sasaki
IF Lifetime Ventures : Mr. Ryosuke Kimura
Fullcommit Partners: Mr. Yuudai Yamada
Apricot Ventures: Tomoki Shirakawa
QXLV: Mr. Kentaro Furuya and Mr. Hirofumi Toyoda
(indicating an approximate quote or vague suggestion) or something

Conditions for Participation
- Seed Stage Entrepreneurs
- You have not yet established a company, but have a business idea.

What you need to prepare before entry
Pitchbook: You can use any format you like, but it is required to introduce your background and team members.

Selection Schedule
1, Entry
2, Entry Deadline
If you enter after the entry deadline, you will be selected for the next round.
3、Document screening
After the entry deadline, we will conduct a document screening.
The ratio is 2 to 3 times every month.
4、Result notification
After the entry deadline, we will contact you within 3 business days to let you know the result.
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