Incubate Camp 17th" will be held on October 11 (Fri.) and 12 (Sat.), 2024! Entries open from today, April 1 (Monday)! press release

Incubate Fund, Inc. is pleased to announce the Incubate Camp 17th, a camp-based acceleration program to be held on Friday, October 11 and Saturday, October 12, 2024. Entries for entrepreneurs will be accepted from today, Monday, April 1, through Wednesday, July 31.

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About Incubate Camp 17th

What is Incubate Camp?

This is a two-day overnight event where seed/early stage entrepreneurs and GP/partner class venture capitalists (hereinafter referred to as "guest VCs") work together to rapidly accelerate their businesses. Sixteen entrepreneurs who have passed the selection process from among the entrants will be invited to participate in the program, where they will have discussions with 16 guest VCs to brush up their business plans and raise funds.

This year marks the 17th Incubate Camp, and the total number of participating entrepreneurs has exceeded 250 since the first camp in 2010.

target group

Seed and early stage startups seeking funding
Entry before service release or incorporation is also possible.

For companies that have already received funding from a VC, a VC recommendation quota is available with preferential treatment in the application screening process. For more details, please contactEntry Informationfor more information.

Advantages of Entry

Entrepreneurs who have entered Incubate Camp 17th and wish to participate in mentoring with Incubate Camp 17th management members are welcome to do so.

Early applicants who wish to be considered for seed financing may also attend the Incubate Fund's monthly "Pitch Event", a gathering of decision makers only.Circuit MeetingWe will recommend participation in the "The New York Times" and introduce you to VC/accelerators.

Outline and schedule of the event

Outline of the event

Date: October 11 (Fri.) & 12 (Sat.), 2024 *Overnight stay
Location: Okura Academia Park Hotel (Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture)


2024/4/1(Mon.) - 7/31(Wed.) Entry accepted, mentoring for applicants
2024/8/1(Thu) - 8/18(Sun) Interview screening period for those who pass the document screening
2024/8/19(Mon.) - 8/30(Fri.) Selection Committee *Member review period
2024/9/11(Wed) Participants decided
Friday, 10/11/2024 and Saturday, 10/12/2024 on the day of Incubate Camp 17th

*The "Selection Committee" consists of young venture capitalists from multiple VC firms, including Incubate Camp 17th management members.
*Schedules after notification of document screening results are subject to change slightly.

Entry Method

Please enter from the special page below.
Deadline: Wednesday, July 31, 2024
Incubate Camp 17th special page URL:

Incubate Camp 17th Management Introduction

Chief Associate Misuzu Matsumoto

She joined Rakuten, Inc. in 2018. She joined Incubate Fund in 2021 and became a board member of Tokyo Women in VC in April 2023.
Misuzu graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Letters.


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