Incubate Fund is a venture capital company dedicated to the investment and development of venture companies at startup phase.

Since the establishment of Incubate Capital Partners in 1999, we have operated funds totaling 27.5 billion yen, investing in over 200 venture companies.
Just in the past five years, as Incubate Fund, we have operated funds totalling 17 billion yen and through related funds have also invested in over 150 different companies.
We have the largest track record in the country for investment and development of seed-stage and early-stage venture companies.
Most recently, we have produced leading companies like gumi, Pokelabo, Minnano Wedding, Sansan, Aiming, and Froute (currently Axelmark), etc. In addition to that, since 2010, we have been organizing "Incubate Camp," a seed acceleration program in order to reach out to entrepreneurs in the process of starting their company.
With our motto "Wholeheartedly supporting motivated entrepreneurs in overcoming their challenges," and working together as partners of entrepreneurs, we will continue to endeavour in creating new businesses as well as investing and developing venture companies.


スタートアップの成長を支援するため、 4つの独自プログラムを運営し、 起業家コミュニティを構築しています。


To deliver now of venture capital from us.