Masahiko Honma

POSITION General Partner
Started his investment carrier at JAFCO in helping Silicon valley and Israel tech startups access into Japan market, then worked for Accenture’s venture capital arm and corporate venture capital under Mitsubishi Corporation. In 2007, he founded Core People Partners, angel fund specializing in the incubation of internet businesses, and made about 10x returns. He co-founded Incubate Fund in 2010, and has been making active investment in Japan as well as directing Asia investment operations in South East Asian market and India.
He was Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Business and Commerce.


In our position as investors, rather than supervise and manage entrepreneurs, we stand firm in our support of companies we invested in, try to bring success to the business together with the entrepreneurs and be a flat partner to the entrepreneurs as much as possible. The industry of venture capitals is a new and immature industry, although its value expected from society is great. Incubate Fund itself continues to explore the shape of a stronger and new venture capital as an entrepreneur in Japan and Asia.
Incubate Fund
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