With the investment philosophy of "First Round, Lead Position", Incubate Fund aims to be the "first and biggest supporter" for the founders, and provides a large amount of funding from the concept stage of the business to form the business strategy, product and team. First of all, please fill out the "Strongest Inquiry Form" here and enter our various events and workshops. We would be happy if we can be a starting point for aspiring entrepreneurs to take their first step.

The best inquiry form

100% response rate We have set up an inquiry form for entrepreneurs who want to consult with Incubate Fund about financing or business.

"I don't know how to present my business idea to a VC."
"I don't know what elements I need in my materials to discuss with VCs."
"I need specifics on what's missing from the pitch materials."

We get a lot of feedback like this from entrepreneurs in the early phases of their business.
That's why we've decided to start a new initiative called "Always Send Feedback on Entrepreneurial Pitch Materials".

We would be happy to help entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business to accelerate their business.

■ Target
Are you starting or preparing to start a business?
If you want feedback from VCs on your business plan
If you have tried to contact other VCs but have not received a reply and are at a loss.

Attachment of the pitch document is mandatory. If we cannot confirm the attachment, we will not be able to send feedback.
Please refer to this article for more information about pitch materials.

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Our capitalists will provide you with feedback based on the information you provide in the "Please provide up to three questions (about your management and business plans that you would most like feedback on)" section.

We are looking forward to receiving entries from many people.

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  • Incubate Camp

    Held once a year. A two-day, one-night joint entrepreneur/investor management camp for seed/early-stage entrepreneurs who are serious about raising capital. It was established to support business creation by partnering with entrepreneurs from the early stage of business establishment. In light of the recent changes in the entrepreneurial support environment and business trends, the program is not limited to seed funding, but also includes funding in the tens to hundreds of millions of yen.
  • Circuit Meeting

    This is a half-day business consultation and financing program for seed-stage entrepreneurs. For start-up entrepreneurs, it takes a lot of time and effort to make appointments with VCs and pitch repeatedly. In order to reduce the burden on entrepreneurs and help them brush up their business, Incubate Fund and Partner Fund came together to have a half-day 1-on-1 session.
  • Blue Field Program (BFP)

    This is a closed study group community for those who aspire to start their own businesses. We believe that in order to create innovative and scalable business concepts that can solve major social and industrial issues, we need a community where we can learn about social issues, industrial structure, and technology across industries. We provide a place where young talents with great ambitions who are active at the forefront of society can think about and refine business ideas that should be seriously challenged, and as an incubate fund, we support startups from the standpoint and experience of a seed VC.
  • Incubate Academy

    This is a lecture event on VC for university and graduate students. The VC industry is not well known among students, and the influx of talent into the VC industry is very limited. We will share the experience and knowledge that Incubate Fund has accumulated as a seed VC in order to share our aspiration to solve major social and industrial issues and create the next industry from scratch. We are looking forward to the challenge of young talents.
  • The best inquiry form

    Reply rate 100%. We have set up an inquiry form for entrepreneurs who want to ask Incubate Fund to correct their pitch book or consult their business. Please feel free to contact us.
  • IF Women's Community (IWC)

    A community for women and women entrepreneurs who are considering starting their own businesses in the future, run by female members of Incubate Fund.
    Centered on the Slack community, we hold events such as consultations with members, wall-to-wall meetings, information sharing on domestic/overseas startups (funding information, etc.), and events with senior entrepreneurs, with nearly 100 members participating as of 1/17/2023.
  • Asia Leaders Summit

    Masahiko Honma - one of our Founding General Partners based in Singapore is a co-organizer of the Asia Leaders Summit, an invitation-only event for tech leaders and top venture capitalists from across Asia. Held in locations across Asia each year 200 leaders gather from Japan, China, ASEAN and India to discuss the future of the region.